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How do I indoctrinate thee? Let me count the ways

04/26/2022 12:22 PM | Michael Burroughs (Administrator)

Florida has been ridiculed for the governor's position on CRT and textbooks. The state has rejected 54 math texts claiming the textbooks indoctrinate children stating the texts “contained prohibited topics” such as references to critical race theory or social-emotional learning.

The Department of Education provided examples of “problematic” elements in the books.

  1. An item about algebraic expressions called polynomials, reads, “What? Me? Racist? More than 2 million people have tested their racial prejudice using an online version of the Implicit Association Test.” It then provides mathematical models to measure bias. 
  2. Another problem focused on number sequencing was to have “students build proficiency with social awareness as they practice with empathizing with classmates.” The goal came under the heading of social-emotional learning.

As Christian schools, the aim is to develop students to reflect the image of Christ. Maybe the Bible does a better job at addressing implicit biases and empathizing with others?

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